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At Nysura Distillery our focus is on innovation. Our spirits are distilled using the vacuum distillation, a state-of-the-art process that allows us to preserve the most delicate fragrances of the botanicals.
NYSURA Distillery is a pioneer in Italy for the production of gin with the use of Rotavapor®, a piece of equipment that from the benches of chemical laboratories has appeared in the kitchens of internationally renowned chefs and on the counters of creative bar tenders.
In simple words, the rotary evaporator is a large rotating glass sphere on whose walls the alcohol is distributed like a film and then evaporates, at very low temperatures, thanks to the vacuum created inside it; then it is conveyed in a refrigerated coil where it condenses and passes back to the liquid state in a collection container.

Such a technology was  developed by the BÜCHI company in 1957 to remove solvents from laboratory samples without having to apply a lot of heat, lowering the boiling point temperature thanks to the vacuum. Gin was not contemplated. This principle has been successfully borrowed in the world of spirits, because it allows to preserve the aromas and smells of botanicals that would be lost with traditional processes.

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