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Ginacria - the baptism of Nysura Distillery - is the culmination of the research of Dario Rinaldi and his inquiring mind, who in this gin aims to condense his experience as an agronomist, respect for the rhythms of nature, attention to innovation and his love for Sicily.    
Ginacria - created from a careful selection of hand-harvested botanicals from Mount Etna’s steep slopes to the fertile plains of Catania.
The citrus notes of lemon and orange, the aromatic echos   of licorice root, along with the unique aroma of false pepper make for a balanced and intriguing blend with Mediterranean character.
Ginacria is obtained using cold distillation, a state-of-the-art method which enables us to preserve the integrity of the most delicate botanicals, such as orange and lemon blossom.    
Ginacria is a blend of thoughts. The recipe – developed in collaboration with a London company specialized in cold distillation.
The image and name - an idea of the artist Mariagrazia Pontorno.    
Ginacria is the distillate of a dream projected through the past of tradition into the future of possibilities collecting and catalyzing the scents of a complex, mythological and enchanting land.Custom-deigned and produced through an innovative process that blends together individually vacuum-distilled Sicilian botanicals such as juniper berries, licorice, citrus fruits, fresh citrus flowers, almonds, and false pepper tree leaves, and preserves their organoleptic properties.

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The ingredients are added to the mixing glass filled with ice.

Stir until the glass tarnishes. Then it is served in a bowl just taken out of the freezer. How to prepare: you need 6 cl of Ginacria

1 cl of dry vermouth to pour on ice; the final result will be garnished with orange zest.


The image and name of Ginacria are by Mariagrazia Pontorno, for the communication of his company Dario Rinaldi has in fact chosen to involve an artist able to graft his own poetics into the gins of Nysura Distillery.

Ginacria's video is created by Mariagrazia Pontorno, co-directed by the artist herself for the animation part and by Marisa Vallone for the cinema part.


Nysura Distillery è una microdistilleria indipendente con sede a NISSORIA (EN) si conferma tra le poche realtà dell'isola in grado di realizzare l’intero processo produttivo in sede, utilizza la distillazione a freddo ramite Rotavapor®. Nysura Distillery è un progetto di Dario Rinaldi.

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